In any country in the world, life can be tough for many elderly women living on their own, but nearly all the widowed grandmothers in our Ugandan communities face challenges that are very often extreme.

They are vulnerable as well as poor, lacking access to free health care or social services support and without family members to look after them locally. 

Although these special women have spent much of their lives in caring for children and grandchildren they now find themselves in need of some practical support themselves, as well as the need to feel valued and not forgotten within the community. 

TFCM support for grannies is directed at making a difference in their lives by meeting some of their priority practical needs as well as making them feel special, as they deserve. 


This is Rebecca Joyce Nabirye who is over 80 years of age, pictured here with Pastor Sam in her room which has an earth floor, no furniture and contains precious few personal belongings.

Her diet is poor, her eyesight is failing and she has great difficulty walking, or standing for any length of time. 

The good news is that Rebecca’s home situation is changing for the better. She now has an overseas sponsor who gives a regular monthly donation which is making a significant difference in her life, in practical and tangible ways.

Additionally, Rebecca’s sponsor has taken up the option to keep in touch with her through our local partners, which she is valuing as much as the practical help she is being given.                

Compassion has to look like something

TFCM has identified upwards of fifty grannies aged 60 years and over living in Kawempe, Kalagi and the village of Kateete who are facing similar circumstances to Rebecca. All of them are in need of practical help and compassion to make their later years more comfortable.

Sponsor a granny

A small monthly amount of £5 (6.5USD) will make a big difference in the life of any one of these special women.  

This monthly support is used to provide:

  • Home essentials including bedding and cooking utensils    
  • Home first aid kit, personal hygiene items and toiletries
  • An improved daily diet
  • Clothing.

Sponsors will be given the option to receive periodic updates on the sponsored granny’s situation and to connect with her directly if they choose to do so.

 How to sponsor a granny

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