Together we can make a difference....

'One life at a time'


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In the urban slums and isolated villages of Uganda, life is very hard...



Malnutrition, disease, inadequate housing and unemployment mean that the families face a daily struggle for survival.

On average, a family locked into this situation will have to survive on less than £1 (US$1.3) a day.

It's impossible for families in developed countries to imagine how they would pay for enough food, basic clothing and medical care if this was their daily budget.

So desperate is the situation for these Ugandan families, that sending their children to school, and meeting the costs involved, becomes virtually impossible.



...And the cycle of poverty continues unbroken.


Faced with the reality of their situation these families struggle to hold onto hope for a better future.

And yet...

The ready smiles of an African child are a cry for love and acceptance, and especially for action to answer their hopes and prayers.

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At TFCM we focus on the belief that every person has the potential in them to be the person he or she was created to be, and  that together it is possible to make a difference.... 
one life at a time