TFCM support for family guardians is focused on 2 key areas:

  • Education in family care
  • Training and support for generating family income.
A. Gertrude (L)  & Catherine Copy.jpg

Gertrude (on the left) with her daughter Precious. Recently widowed, and with 3 other children to support, she struggles daily to care for her family and pay room rent on the meagre income she gets from running a small fruit stall).

Catherine (on the right) with her son Jordan. She cares for her wheelchair bound husband, Henry, as well as their 4 children and they all live in one rented room. The only family income is from Catherine’s part-time job as a neighbourhood washerwoman.


Education in family care

Many of the guardians never had the opportunity to complete their own schooling because their parents could not afford to keep them in education. Now they are parents themselves, and with only limited access to free community courses to help them, they lack understanding of many of the basics of caring for and protecting their children.

Through the TFCM training centre in Kawempe, we provide a range of basic education courses covering child health care, home hygiene and personal rights & parental responsibilities.   

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 Income generation projects 

      Ask these guardians what they want the most and they will often say the same thing....”I want to be able to provide for my family through my own efforts.” The reality is that jobs are hard to come by in Uganda with many people competing for them.

      The TFCM Training Centre has been set up to help empower the local guardians we work with by giving them the basic skills to set up their own small businesses to generate regular family income.

      Guardian 2.jpg

      At the training centre, older guardians, especially grandmothers, are trained in a range of craft skills including making mats, hats, bags, jewellery and scarves. 

      The training centre includes an outside display area from which these items can be promoted for sale.


      Sponsor a family guardian on her way to independent living...

      Monthly sponsorship of a guardian will open up many opportunities for her to make a lasting difference in her own life as well as the lives of the children in her care.


      The monthly cost is £10 (13USD) which is used to:

      • Provide training for income generation, including any equipment or ‘start up’ materials needed.
      • Support their involvement in our family care education programme
      • Contribute to improvements in family living conditions, especially diet, home essentials, health care and medical support.

      Sponsors will be provided with updates on the guardian’s progress and on the impact of the monthly support on the life of the family involved.